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From the Mail Bag:

"Thank you so much for ensuring that James xxxxxxx got his download last week. He is very happy with your customer support service - and so am I !!"

"Just wanted to quickly thank you for helping me get in touch with Joe about his publication. Everything was settled quickly and amicably, I wish everyone used your service."

"Great service, you saved two would be disasters with your speedy intervention. Both clients would have made complaints but are now happy and have even ordered more products!"

"...customer care support results from my split test show 19.6% increase in conversion ... lower complaint levels and additional profits that more than pay for your service"

Great Customer Care = Increased Sales

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Why do Support-Focus business seals work so well?

Members of Support-Focus pledge themselves to offering the highest level of customer care for their clients.
(The support-focus platform makes this easy for members to provide).

This commitment to excellent customer care brings reassurance to their clients and higher conversion rates for the vendors.

Clients know that if they have any problems connected with the purchase or quality of the product, they have a powerful, independent support platform to ensure that the problem is resolved as quickly as possible. This includes requesting and obtaining a refund when product quality is not up to standard.

Of course, all responsible online marketers would like to offer the best customer care and support, but in reality it seldom happens. Time restraints, unseen emails, forgotten replies all add up to the occasional consumer complaint that can ruin a customer relationship. Just one disgruntled client can cause big problems for an online vendor.

Many online merchants are sole proprietors giving the best customer service that they can. But what happens when they take a vacation or get busy with other projects? Unfortunately the customer support service can suffer.

A client who pays for a product through paypal and then finds that the downlink is not working, or that the product is not up to standard, can get justifiably annoyed when there is no reply to his emailed complaints.

Even worse, if the client can not find an email address to make his complaint to, what will he do ? Often he will complain bitterly to the credit card company or to Paypal and that can result in unnecessary account problems for the vendor.

To avoid unwanted problems Support-Focus offers a support infra-structure that enables both vendors and clients to relax in the knowledge that their support issues are being handled professionally and that no customer communication will ever "slip through the cracks". The support software is also enhanced by training modules that improve your customer service skills.

Customer Care is our profession.

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