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Benefits of Making Customer Service Prominent

When Should Customer Service Be Considered
Customer care is often seen as being necassary only when a customer is dis-satisfied and makes a complaint.

I would like to suggest that this is completely wrong.
Customer care and support needs to be given a prominent position in your company profile in order to ensure that you are rewarded for your good motives.

If you really do care that a customer may not be happy with your product or service, then why hide the fact? In today's busy world, it is difficult to feel any real personal involvement. This tends to breed scepticism and distrust.

Ulitmately the cost of this distrust is going to be a reduction in your sales and hence profits. This means you, your staff, your family end up with lower incomes. It also means that potential clients do not get the goods or services that they could have benefited from had they felt more trust.

Customer service needs to be considered at the pre-sales point rather than just veiwing it as an after-sales process. The reason for this is that you will reap higher sales when customers know about your customer support systems before they place an order. Consumers only place orders when their fears and anxieties are reassured. By highlighting your consumer pledge and advising potential customers of your customer care policy, you get more orders placed.

What Are the Benefits of Prominent Customer Service?
As we have just discussed, order levels will rise. That is, from the same number of visitors coming to your website, a higher proportion of them will feel comfortable enough to place an order. This proportion or percentage is usually called the conversion rate. So the big benefit to raising awareness about your customer service is increased conversion rates.

Increased conversion rates is not the only benefit. When prominence is given to customer support, you as a company are perceived in a different light. Instead of the client doubting your concern for their problems, you are seen as a professional organization that maintains good customer relations. This perception raises your status and in fact reduces customer complaints. If a customer does complain they tend to do so in a more professional manner which makes it much easier to resolve.

Another benefit of having a good customer service management system, is that customers can see exactly how they can raise a support issue should the need arise. While a company contact form is a good start, using a known third party support software with known tracking and reporting abiliies is much more reassuring for the client or potential client.

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