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Cheap Customer Support Service

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CHEAP - thats a bad word !!!
No one would want to call their customer support service CHEAP! After all what would the customers think!

No, what we mean is great value for money. And our customers want great value for money from us and so they will expect that we, as suppliers, will search out great value for money when we provide essential services to them.

Customer Support - An Essential Service
If we do not give our customers great customer service then they will not stay with us for the long term. Customer aquisition is an expensive business so we want to hang on to our exisiting customers as long as we possibly can. The best way to do this is to provide excellent customer service.

The problem is that this can come in at a high cost, either in our personal time or staff costs or call center costs. That is why we need to find a value-for-money (i.e. dead cheap) customer service solution that does the job in a professional way and that provides us with valuable benefits.

What price is "good-value-for-money" though?
Consider the system that we might need:

* A platform that is easy for anyone to use.
* Some system to prevent spam bots from flooding us with junk.
* A system that prevents malicious use by time-wasters.
* Immediate notification of genuine support requests.
* Reminders of support requests that we haven't responded to.
* Visable proof on our website that we offer great customer support.
* Method of building trust for us in our potential customers mind.
* Third party verification of our customer care policy.
* Accreditation to a well known Trust Seal

Such a system may be expected to cost several thousand dollars, plus installation and monthly mantainance costs. Yet offers this system for less than twenty dollars a month!

For many of us, twenty dollars is the profit that we might receive from selling just one extra product during that month. When we think that there are many potential customers that visit our web sales page and that don't make a purchase.

What Prevents Potential Customers from Buying?
Often it comes down to a lask of confidence. A lack of trust that we will back up our product with good customer care. What will happen when we display a Trust seal which focusses on delivering customer support? Some of those potential customers will decide to buy.

If just one or two additional customers buy, that will usually mean that providing great customer care will not cost us any expense, rather it can earn us a better profit.

How to find out ? - Take a 30 day free trial.