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Customer Complaints: How to Prevent Them

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The Basics of a Customer Support System.
A good customer support service will incorparate a consumer care policy that will explicitly show your customers that they can and should expect a high standard of care.

A Written Customer Care Pledge.
Such a policy can be in the form of a written pledge that your company displays. Openly declaring a consumer care pledge takes away a lot of anxiety from potential customers who read your website sales pages.

When your customers can see that you promote your customer care policy, they usually think carefully before making any complaint. Because of your stance, your clients will assume that you are performing professionally and that any mistake is more likely to be on their part rather than yours. This makes it much easier to turn a request for support into an opportunity to assist a client, which in turn will deepen the relationship and lead to higher sales.

Automatic Response.
The next important part of any customer complaints support system is that is should automatically respond on your behalf to any customer support query. A response from you, even though automatic wii reassure, the client that your procedures are working and that they will hear from you personally very soon. An immediate response in an important part of your customer care system.

Mistakes Happen: Confirmation and Validation.
Of course, nobody is perfect. It often occurs that shortly after a matter is raised, the complainer suddenly realizes that they misunderstood something. These false alarms can waste a lot of management time. Therefore a good system will first of all give the complainer an opportunity to retract their complaint. This acheived by issuing a request to confirm or validate their support request. This simple step allows the customer think about their action. It also prevents people from spamming the system with fake complaints.

Issue Logging and Tracking.
After validating the complaint your support system will imform you, the business manager or owner of the complaint. An easy response mechanism should be in place that logs your response and that closes the active status of the complaint.

Of course if you do not respond with in a reasonable time frame, say 48 hours, then the system should remind you to make a response. This kind of customer care system will help you to maintain high standards of customer care and to fulfill your pledge to offer excellent consumer support.

Follow Up.
Part of providing good customer care is your follow up proceedure. Again your system should help you do this by providing a weekly or monthly summary of all your support issues. This can then easily be checked by your technicians or other personell to ensure that any promised actions have actually happened, finally a thank you, closure, email should be sent so that the customer knows that you appreciate and value their communication.