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Customer Complaints, How You Can Reduce Them Now

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Dealing professionally with customer complaints makes all the difference to how your organisation is perceived. Whether you are an individual online business person or a multinational corparation, your customer will be deeply affected by your reaction to their complaint.

Of course, nobody likes complaints, but we must see them as a part of running the business and knowing how to deal with them effectively will serve to make your business stronger. How the customer complaint is handled invariably makes the difference between customer retention and customer abandonment.

Recognize complaints as opportunities for growth.
Regardless of the reason for a complaint, successful businesses always realize that a certain amount of humility and discernment is required to maintain good customer relationships. Your aim should be to keep your customers happy with the professional way that you deal with any issue. While it is not always possible to please everyone, maintaining a warm, helpful and professional attitude will go a long way in keeping the relationship positive.

When any customer complains, they will usually be feeling that they have been cheated in some way, that they have lost out. When you quickly respond to their complaint, reassure them that you want to resolve any issues and subtely remind them of the high standards that you and your company maintain, you have the opportunity to turn that complaining customer into a loyal client.

Having a Visible Customer Complaint Procedure.
Customer complaints are especially important when running an online business and there is seldom any face to face contact. If a potential customer can be reassured that you have a quality customer care procedure in place before they place their order, then anxiety levels will always be reduced.

If there is any dissatisfaction after the purchase, they will know how to make a complaint and will feel much more comfortable when your system responds to their request.

One of the best methods of demonstrating that you have an active customer complaints procedure is to display an appropriate website trust seal. A trust seal which incorparates a customer complaints support procedure will serve to prove that your organization take customer care seriously. Displaying such a business seal builds trust from the beginning and reduces customer complaints.

Where to Find Your Solution.
For any online business, combining the two functions of trust seal and customer support makes perfect sense. Trust seals virtually always increase the sales conversion rate and therefore usually more than pay for themselves.

In this case, you, the vendor get a high quality support system, plus a method of increasing sales conversions for a very low monthly investment.