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Customer Satisfaction

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Of course we would all agree that customer satisfaction is important, but can we really why it is an area that we should spend signifiant effort to get right?

The Cost of New Customers
What we need to keep in mind is the cost of finding new customers. This cost will often incluse advertising, maybe cost per click charges, maybe ezine or banner advertising. All of these cost are not just expenses but they are customer aquisition costs.

Now we want to think about the cost of an existing customer coming to our website and placing an order. How much did that cost? Absolutely nothing! The customer came back because they had a good buying experience the first time and were happy to place another order.

The Value of Customer Satisfaction
So now that we have that point in mind, I think it is clear just why customer satisfaction is do important. If your customers walk away unhappy, then the chances are, they will never come back to you, they will place their business elsewhere.

Satisfied customers are also your best salesmen. Have you ever been to a new resturant and found the food fantastically delicious? How long did you keep it to yourself? Not long I bet! You see, we all like to share good news so when we find a good supplier and we feel good about the experience, we invariable share it with others. Same goes with your customers.

This means that your goal has got to be: bringing up the level of satisfaction so much that your customers want to share it with others. Of course with an internet purchase, rather than telling the next door neighboor, it might mean commenting positively about you on a blog or bookmarking your website with diggor stumble.

Unfortunately we must admit that the reverse is also true. If we do a lousy job and create a lot of unhappy customers, then it will not be long before they start telling others!

Both situations are encouragment to make customer satisfaction a priority.

Happy Customers Buy More
Yes it is true: happy customers tend to buy more goods and services from you. So if your customers are satisfied with the service, the quality, and the prices, then they are much more likely to spend more money with you. When you pitch them you next product release they are much more likely to snap it up if they are a happy customer.

Now that you can see just why customer satisfaction is important, you will need to consider the best way to let them know that you have great customer care. You want to be sure that potential customers realize that your customers are satisfied and that put forth effort to ensure that new customers will be comfortable about doing business with you.

How to Provide Great Customer Satisfaction
A great way to do this is to use a Support-Focus Trust Seal. This business seal provides evidence that you run a professional customer support software program. It clearly demonstrates that you have a consumer care pledge in place and that you have the software in place to make that pledge a reality.