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Customer Service Software - that sounds like an expensive phrase!
Selecting, installing and running a new customer service software suite certainly can very expensive. There are several software companies around that would be quite happy to part you from a few thousand dollars plus recurring annual license fees. In addition you may have installation and maintenance expenses plus there could be additional hardware costs to include - ouch!

It doesn't need to like that
While an all-encompassing suite maybe what you need, it could also be that your customer support software needs can be met by a much easier approach. The online customer care system that is run by Support Focus enables your customers to log support requests and for these to be validated and then tracked by the system.

Validating your support requests
This is an important first stage of the system as it ensures that unfriendly visitors do not swamp your system with thousands of requests. This is a problem that even some expesive systems have not addressed. Any support request will be sent a validation/confirmation email which the user must click on to confirm the request. Unconfirmed requests are ignored.

Such a confirmation also gives the client another chance to be sure about whether they really need to place the support request "tickect". Even though the validation / confirmation only takes a minute, sometimes within that time the customer realises an error and the reason for the support call disappears. This step saves you some of resources.

After this validation step, the details will be recorded and you will be sent an email containing the support request. You can also check oustanding support requests at any time on through the website login. To respond to the request, you simply select the request from the list of outstanding ones, enter your reply on the screen, hit the send button and thats it. The system will log your reply, and will send it via email to the person who raised the request. You can follow up with telephone or emails should you wish to, however, there is an advantage in have everything recorded against the origional support request.

And ... for your peace of mind
Should you forget to respond to the request with forty eight hours, the system will send you another reminder. You will also get a weekly list of outstanding support requests.

A further enhancement is the warning that the system is carrying a support request that will change your visible status if not repsponded to within the next twenty four hours.

The support software is simple to run and yet highly effective in encouraging vendors to provide timely customer support. All of these facilities are available to you by simply placing the Support-Focus Trust Seal on your website. You can trial this incredible system at zero cost for a full 30 days.

When your clients and potential clients see the Support-Focus logo, they will recognize that you are serious about customer care issues. As a result you will attract more business and increase sales.