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Did you know ?

That in practically every case, members enjoy an increase in sales due to the confidence that Support-Focus generates by offering first class customer support.

Did you know ?

That most big expensive disputes are caused simply by a product owner not receiving and replying to a simple complaint.

Did you know ?

That when a customer complains, you have your biggest opportunity to make a very loyal client...
... but only if you treat them well.

Vendor 7 Point Consumer Service Pledge

I pledge to provide the following standard of excellence.

1) I am committed to providing excellent customer support.

2) To reply to your customer support request as quickly as possible but definitely within 72 hours.

3) To display my privacy policy, terms of use, and disclaimer information.

4) To honor my "no questions asked" money back guarentee.

5) Not to engage in the practice of sending unsolicited bulk email (spam).

6) To only use reputable, secure payment processors for all online transactions.

7) To engage in business with other vendors who follow these high customer support standards.

Whatever your business structure,
customer support is vital.

Weather you are just starting out with your own digital product or service, or if you are a well established company supplying thousands of customers with physical goods, our customer support platform will enable you to provide the level of customer care higher than expected. This service becomes an asset to your business.

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By pledging themselves to offering the highest level of customer support and care for their clients, Support-Focus members earn trust and appreciation from their customers. This reduces complaints and increases client retention.

Membership is open to most digital product vendors, service providers and even physical goods suppliers. Membership starts at an incredibly low rate of just 4.95 per month

For most online businesses, just one addition sale pays for the whole month's subscription.

You can now start off with a 30 day free trial.

All members pledge themselves to act honestly and fairly in all dealings with clients. All members adhere to the 7 Point Consumer Service Pledge.

On becoming a member you register details and options for each of your products.

Each of your products (or websites) is given a separate "Trusted Member" Product Seal that you place on your sales pages and other information pages. When a customer clicks on the seal, your product profile page pops up.

This profile page demonstrates proof that you take support seriously and that you will honor your guarantees. This offers your potential client peace of mind and increases your conversion rates. manually check every product sales page to ensure that it conforms to the 7 Point Consumer Service Pledge. If a members website does not conform in anyway, they are informed within the first seven days of their free trial and helped to bring the website up to standard.

Websites that remain non-compliant are terminated. This action maintains the high reputation of exisiting Support-Focus members.

The product profile page also offers your clients a method of contacting you about support issues and having issues resolved in a manner that benefits both client and vendor.

When communication is received from a client, Support-Focus logs the support request in the database and will then immediately dispatch an email to assure the client that you are eager to clear up any misunderstandings and to resolve the problem or supply more information. So the first contact is made for you.

We also request that the customer support issue is confirmed by the email address owner.
Once a support request is confirmed, it is then validated and logged in the database against your product. If you have the enhanced automatic features, we will immediately notify you of the request or complaint.

When you make a response to the request, this is also logged and this provides easy proof that you are dealing fairly towards your clients and offering good customer service.

Some customer support issues can be handled immediately on your behalf, thus reducing your workload, making support very simple.

These options are set up in your product profiles. Automatic actions can include sending a pre-written email, sending a download link or other pre-arranged actions.

Should a customer support request not be responded to within 15 days then the status for that product turns red and the clients' request will become visable in the product profile display - available for all to see. This means that provided that you have no unresolved support requests over 15 days old, your customer support status remains as Excellent.

The enhanced features also provide you with a weekly summary report and even a 24 hour early warning email alert that your customer support status is about to change.

We do all we can to help you to provide fist class customer support to your clients.

The Customer Support Trust Seal:


To see an SF Trust Seal in action, you can visit this website:

Example Website - Project Management.

In this case the trust seal is used for a product in the internet marketing sector
and is placed at the bottom of the page near the authors name.
You will need to scroll down - Click on the seal to see the pop up window.