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Customer Technical Support

Technical Support: A vital component of customer care.
In most companies, technical support grows gradually as the company develops. To begin with it is usually dealt with as part of the normal business telephone communication. However, there is a real danger, that if left too long in this mode, the situation can very easily end up devouring immense company resources.

The main resource that any company has is its key personell and the work tht they do. These key players are the ones that create the product or the service that is sold to clients. Without these key players, the business would gradually wind down. Knowing and appreciating this fundemental aspect will help the business to make the best descisions.

Protect your resources now
In order to avoid wasting your most precoius resources you need to protect them from unnecessary distractions. In many companies it is not unusual for a senior employee to spend a few hours sorting a a customer complaint. This is clearly a big loss for the company. Now, I would never suggest that the management be completly disconnected from the customer and his or her problems, but that kind of hands-on approach will lead to massive loos in productivity.

The main culprit of causing these distractions is the telephone call. It is just too easy for customer complaints or other support issues such as technical assistance to get escalated to key personell rather that being kept to the appropiate staff. The question has to be: how can we effective ly give good support without losing valuable resources?

Move technical support away from the telephone.
All customer care is very important and it should be dealth with by the correct personell. The product designer, the software engineer, the general manager or the magazine editor are the ones that should be fixing customer complaints. These key players need to focus on what they do best.

By moving technical support away from the telephone and onto a website will releave considerable pressure and enable consumer support isses to be dealt with a more structureed and cost effect manner. Support software is often marketed as an expensive solution however because Support-Focus literally focus on support (!) the support system can be offered on a small monthly subscription.

No expensive website changes.
The Support-Focus system is designed to easily fit into any website design. No changes are necessary, just copy and paste a few lines of code from your control panel into your website html and zappo! you have a complete system up and running! With this revolutionary way of dealing with customer support you can have a completely new system up and running in about twenty minutes.