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The Problem That Scammers Make For Honest Businesses
As small business owners we benefit from the ease with which we can set up on online business. The problem is that this situation also attracts scammers, hackers and con men. How can honest small business operators combat the suspicion that online buyers rightly display?

It is now all too easy for scammers to set up a fake store front and get peoples' email, delivery address and sometimes their credit card number. The number of online fraudulent activities increases by the hour.

It is not at all surprising then that online shoppers are very wary of any new website that has something to sell. The website may display impressive testimonials but who is to say that they have not been made up? The website may boast money-back guarantees, but who is to say that they actually honor them?

With online marketing costs increasing all the time, you need to get as many of those valuable website visitors to click on the buy button as often as possible. But with that back button also just a click away, you need to have something to convince them that you are one of the good guys.

Independent Trust Seals Increase Customer Confidence
This is where the independent business trust seal comes into it own. You see when a website displays a genuine security or trust seal then the customers' confidence grows. Of course some seals are just fake images, but the click-able, verifiable ones do provide reassurance to the would-be purchaser.

Some seals also provide feedback forms and an independent method of contacting the vendor and requesting support. This kind of demonstratible customer care gives you great credibility and results in boosted sales.

Split testing has proved time and again that the use of genuine trust seals has a positive impact on increasing sales generally. The improvement is especially dramatic for smaller, newer businesses that need to prove that they are trustworthy

The Economic Alternative To High Priced Web Seals
Ironically some of the better known trust seals are out of the reach of newer companies as they can cost over a thousand dollars just for one seal. Added to that is that they often only suggest that the website is safe from a hacker attack - that does not say anything about customer support and guarantee issues.

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