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Giving Technical Support Easily

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The challenge of customers care for smaller businesses
Giving technical support can be quite a challenge especially for a smaller online company. Unfortunately it is the smaller and less well know companies that are going to always be regarded with a little suspicion particularly by potential customers.

It has been said that when someone is happy with your products or service they will tell three people, but when they are dissatisfied they will share this with 300! Which would you prefer? We all know how easy it its for disgruntled customers to share their views on forums and blogs. The internet can turn a minor problem into a massive one that demands instant attention and correction.

How can the smaller online company or even the sole trader give great professional customer support without it taking up too much time and resources?

Providing excellent technical support is mainly going to depend upon the methods and systems that are used to provide the support. Let us take an example.

The way we offer our care
If a customer finds it difficult to locate your contact form on the website, or is in anyway doubtful about being able to get support, then you as a supplier are already losing the battle.

When the customer does manage to send you a request for help if they do not get a reply within a few hous, again you are losing the edge. A system which automatically sends a reply to your customers and alerts you of the situation is going to put you on a much better footing.

Having the support request automatically logged in a database again will provide you with obvious advantages. Troubleshooting customer problems need not take up a lot of time, nor be unduly expensive.

With such a system in place, you or your technicians can easily provide technical support in a timely manner. This kind of support software does not need to be expensive in order to provide you with a professional interface.

Use your valuable resources wisely
Troubleshooting customer problems need not take up a lot of resources if it is tackled with support software that helps you to engage with the customer quickly and easily. Finding amicable solutions to problems is usually easier when the issue first arises rather than days or even weeks later.

Often a customer is just lacking the necessary technical information or other details. Sometimes it can be the customer's management that requires explanations. Whatever the issue, it needs to be logged automatically so that you or your technicians can address the customers' concern quickly and easily. provides the software platform that allows internet businesses to provide first class customer service. The platform responds automatically to every support request, and then informs you of the need for a response.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is that potential customers can see that you offer this service when they place their order. This is acheived through the use of a Trust Seal. By displaying the Trust Seal you increase customer confidence at the time they most need it: when they are considering placing the order.

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