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Increase Customer Retention By Handling Customer Complaints Promptly

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The Know That Your Product Is The Best
You know you have the best product available for a particular market and you are sure it's going to meet the needs of everyone in that market, and everyone is going to be so happy; you will have all happy customers with no complaints!

That could happen in a perfect world, but since none of us inhabit that kind of world it makes sense to be prepared for unhappy customers.

These customers may be unhappy for a number of reasons like, the product did not meet their expectations, they did not experience the desired results, they were dissatisfied with the color or texture; they may regret an impulsive purchase and would like to have a refund. Buying often involves the emotions and when the initial enthusiasm for the product falls off, the consumer can be less than satisfied

Dealing Effectively With Complaints
Regardless of the reason for the dissatisfaction, how the complaint is handled makes the difference between customer retention and customer abandonment. Successful entrepreneurs and small business owners recognize that it requires humility and tact to cultivate and maintain good customer relationships. Not only is this the prudent course from a business perspective, but this is also the best course for human relations. Admittedly, there are some persons that will never be satisfied, but then you need to decide if you really want to keep that kind of customer.

It has been said that when someone is happy with your products or service they will tell two people, but when they are dissatisfied they will make sure that 2000 know about about it! Hardly a fair situation but this is not something that is impossible to deal with.

With the proliferation of internet blogs, forums and free accounts such as myspace and youtube even large organizations that previously thought that one customer's dissatisfaction would not make an impact, have found to their regret that is no longer the case. One person can garner the opinions of thousands around the world to create a loud complaint that demands attention and correction.

How to Respond to Support Issues
Responding kindly and promptly while offering to correct the situation is the most effective route to take in addressing customer dissatisfaction. In fact try to always see a consumer complaint as an opportunity to demonstrate your customer care policy and to deepen the relationship with the client. Veiwing the process in a positive light makes a world of difference for both sides.

Make it seem to the customer that this was the easiest thing to correct and, in fact, you appreciate that they brought it to your attention. People want to feel important and if you can genuinely keep them feeling that way, they will leave your space feeling that you really appreciate them and they would rather do business with you than anyone else.