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Online Technical Support Explosion!
Technical support for customers is a fast growing business that has taken some encouraging steps in the last few years. Many companies are now moving away from telephone support to online solutions. These internet based solutions are particularly apt for the wholey internet based businessman.

There are now hundreds of thousands if not millions of people that now make their living on the internet. It therefore can seem a little outdated to offer telephone support. The obvious advantages of telephne support are a live interaction with the customer. This however, comes at a huge cost. That cost is time.

Technical Support Solution for the Small Business
The self employed business can not justify spending hours each day on customer support, and to employ someone to do it for him or to use a call center will eat into his profits.

A better alternative is to provide customer care via an online software system. Such a system can screen support requests by requiring an email confirmation. Only legitimate requests are therefore dealt with.

Another advantage of the software method is that the support issues can be stored and a Q&A database can be built up. Many companies now strongly encourage customers to search an online databased bether logging a new request.

Weeding Out the Time Wasters
Replying to confirmed support requests via an online service also demonstrates that you, the supplier, are acting on your customer service issues. A good internet based customer care service will record the fact that you have responded and display a healthy status to other potential customers. Such a system builds trust and improves sales conversions.

Some online software can be very expensive to both purchase and to install and maintain. Support-Focus provides an affordable solution that usually pays for itself. often the provision of the customer support actually becomes a profit generating excercise as sales increase due to increased trust from new customers who see the trust seal displayed on the suppliers website.