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Yes, a full 30 days to test out the system, benefit from the association with a trusted company and to feel the assurance of having top quality support cover.

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From the Mail Bag:

"Thank you so much for ensuring that James xxxxxxx got his download last week. He is very happy with your service - and so am I !!"

"Just wanted to quickly thank you for helping me get in touch with Joe about his publication. Everything was settled quickly and amicably, I wish everyone used your service."

"Great service, you saved two would be disasters with your speedy intervention. Both clients are now happy and even ordered more products!"

"...results from my split test show 19.6% increase in conversion... additional profits more than pay for your service"

Membership Pricing

Membership is open to most digital product vendors, service providers and even physical goods suppliers.

The pricing structure is set with an entry level that every marketer can afford. We encourage all responsible vendors to register.

Silver: Single product: just 4.95 per month.
You get full statistics and full access to your support resolution center.

Gold: Up to three products: only 6.95 per month.
including enhanced automatic features*

Platinum: Up to ten products: just 9.95 per month.
including enhanced automatic features*

Diamond: Up to fifty products: just 19.95 per month.
including enhanced automatic features*

Enhanced Automatic Features:
Automatically emailing of Support Requests as soon as they are confirmed and validated.
Reminding you to respond to any request that is still outstanding after 48 hours have elasped.
Weekly Summary report emailed to you.
Emailed early warning that your status is about to turn red.

Remember - Our aim is to help you to provide top quality support with as little effort as possible. We desire ALL of our vendors to maintain the support status of Excellent. We beleive that by working together your clients receive a higher quality of service and your sales conversions are better. Everyone wins!

Monitoring and Manual Intervention Service - MMIS.
MMIS is available on Platinum and Diamond accounts only and is great for vacations or when you just want to "set and forget".

Your account is charged a low monthly monitoring fee, and then a $5 charge for each manual intervention.

A manual intervention would be responding in an intelligent way to customer complaints. This may include asking the client for proof of purchase, responding to a question, and even sending the client a downlod link or a refund for the product on your behalf.

All interventions are carried out according to a pre-agreed set of rules that can be different for each product. To send refunds, we would need to hold a deposit and would refund until that deposit is finished. Each intervention action is emailed to you so that you are kept aware of all events.
You can change the intervention rules at any time.