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Selecting The Best Trust Seal To Boost Your Sales Conversions

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What benefit is a trust seal?
There is no question about it, using a recognized and useful trust seal or business seal will increase your sales conversions. This is especially true for the small internet business owner or Internet Marketer.

Although online shopping continues to grow, research shows that potential consumers are twice as more likely to abort their purchase as they are to follow through and complete them.

Why is this so prevalent?. Shoppers are afraid of being ripped off by people that may sell them sub-standard goods and then refuse to refund them or simply disappear with their money.

You can not blame them for not trusting you, the web has a lot of low quality products and probably thousands of scams. You need to prove to your visitors that you are trustworthy.

Third party trust seals, or security seals help you to demonstrate that you are trusted by the issuing company. This is why using such a business seal almost always increases your conversion rates.

Provided that the seal does not cost too much, you will usually get a good return on your invested money.

The different kinds of trust seals
Different seal providers offer different services and benefits. Some offering a seal to anyone that can prove their business address and phone number. While that kind of seal will give some assurance to the visitor, it doesn't really reassure them of their main fear.

Any buyers main concern is going to be something along these lines: "what if I don't like the product or I have a problem, what proves that this guy will even answer my email? What proves that he will stand behind his guarantee?"

By selecting a seal that has a built in customer support function, you are going to answer this question. You are going to make them happy and they are going to feel comfortable about placing the order.

A customer support focused seal
When you select a consumer service focused seal, you not only get the "Trusted Member" seal, you also get the customer support programming that allows you to offer first class after-sales support without it draining your resources.

Customer service is an area that is often expensive and time consuming to administer properly. That is why so many small businesses have a poor reputation. Combining the consumer service function with the Trust Seal enables you to prove your reliability for an all-in-one price.

Opting for this superior business seal does not need to cost you anything extra. With an entry level of under $20 a month, just selling one additional product will usually pay for the whole service. The extra sales from the higher conversion rates will all be extra profits for you.

So select a trust seal that actually performs a useful task for you, one that gives you that credibility and one that helps you to provide what customers want to see: a customer support program.that they can see is working.

For more information about professional customer support trust seals visit I recommend that you take up the free 30 day trial where you can fully test out all the benefits, you get unrestricted access to even to the highest level for a full 30 day period.