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The Support Service for Today

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The Oxygen For Your Business
While sales are often considered to be the lifeblood of any business, good customer service is like the oxygen that gives the blood its power.

It is true to say that you can bring in plenty of new clients but unless those customers are fully satisfied with your customer service, your business is not likely to be a profitable concern for very long.

Providing a first class customer support service can be a challenge especially for the small and medium sized company. Most often, the sales manager or general manager will handle complaints on an adhoc basis, behaving as fairly as he or she can while trying to please the customer.

The ad hoc method
This kind of relaxed approach may work fine when there is less pressure but when a new product launch is in progress or you are away at a sales convention, customer service can grind to a halt. In such a situation, where will your customers go? Most likely to the competition.

With an ad hoc approach, it is so easy for a customer complaint via email or telephone message to go missing and to slip through the cracks. Running a simple and easy to use customer service system will relieve you and your staff of a great deal of anxiety regarding customer satisfaction. By directing all customers to use your website based customer support system, you can relax in the knowlegde that all issues are being recorded and followed up by the system on an automatic basis.

Your technicians and other personnel can easily check the current level of unresolved issues and can respond to customer support requests from anywhere in the world that is connected to the internet. The Support-Focus online software offers a great deal of flexibility over the older hard-coded sytems.

The customers perception
Great customer service is all about the customers perception of your ability and desire to solve their problems. If they feel that you are on top of the situation, that you can easily and happily solve any problem that may surface, then their confidence in you, as a relieble supplier, will grow.

By displaying your customer service trust seal on your website, you not only demonstrate your commitment to consumer service but you also provide the means of handling it. Your customer support is no longer hidden away in the back office, but brought out onto the sales page to become an honorable seal of approval for your business.