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The Aborted Sales Problem
Despite the fact that online shopping is carried out by more and more people every day, research shows that on average, 73 per cent of online purchases are aborted by the consumer. Shoppers are afraid of being scammed.

And can anyone blame them for being nervous? With so much abuse of trust and fraudulent use of the internet, everyone has to be more careful than ever before.

Most potential online shoppers don't realize that it is relatively easy to check that payments are going to a secure website or a recognized shopping catr. They also do not know that they can get their money back from paypal or their credit card if they need to.

Shoppers Like Visible Reassurance
These shoppers are used to the bricks and mortar environment, they are reassured by the visible evidence and the hundreds of other people that they can see doing business with the store. They can also assess the customer care from the attitude of the sales staff. If they feel a total lack of consumer awareness and customer support, then they can easily go elsewhere.

Although this may seem like an insurmountable problem for the webmaster, it is not really so difficult to give the potential customer the reassurance that they need.

Remember, if you have targeted traffic arriving at your website, they are already more than just "browsers", they are interested in your subject. Furthermore, someone who starts the buying cycle actually wants your products, they just need some reassurance that you are not just going to take their money and run.

How to Give That Reassurance
So how do you give this reassurance? You just have to show them that other people trust you. If you can also prove that you give after sales support, that you have some kind of consumer care program, then you will be hitting all the right buttons.

Third party trust seals, or security seals will help you to demonstrate that you are trusted by the issuing company. If there is a feedback section, then providing that you don't have any negative feedback, you can demonstrate that other customers do not have any bad news about you.

By selecting a seal that has built in customer support, you get the whole job done in one go. You get the "Trusted Member" seal, plus you get the customer support framework that makes it easy for you to resolve any after sale issues that may come up.

When jittery visitors can click on your seal and see that you have an excellent, "no outstanding issues" rating they are reassured and your sales conversions rapidly improve.

Reaping The benefits of Giving Great Customer Care
Remember, any customer that has a quickly resolved after-sales issue is going to be a great fan of yours and will buy more product and make recommendations. Dealing well with customer service issues is always a winning tactic which benefits both consumer and vendor.

Take time to select the right trust seal for your products and services. Getting an independent seal will turn those browsers into buyers. provides the software platform that allows internet businesses to provide first class customer service. The platform responds automatically to every support request, and then informs you of the need for a response.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is that potential customers can see that you offer this service when they place their order. This is acheived through the use of a Trust Seal. By displaying the Trust Seal you increase customer confidence at the time they most need it: when they are considering placing the order.