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Why Are Your Visitors Not Buying Your Products?

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Customer Care vs FUD - Who Wins?
We don't have to guess about what prevents people from placing orders with you because this is not just affecting your business, something is affecting all online trading.

What is it? Something called FUD.

FUD stands for fear, uncertainty and doubt.

You see today it is all too easy for scam artists to gather money from innocent customers and vanish from the scene. With a quick click of the mouse, they are terminating their website and all their details are disappearing. It is an ideal breeding ground for rip-offs and wrong conduct.

So internet buyers become filled with FUD. They don't know who you are or how honest you are. In fact a report shows that.73% of the users on the internet begin the process of buying and then leave the website without a purchase. This happens because when the customers arrive at the moment of truth, their spine runs cold, there is not enough trust, they abort the purchase. And you lose out.

Fighting FUD With Customer Support
Lets look at some more statistics 94% of consumers feel it is important for a website to include a trust mark. In fact over 75 % will only buy through sites which display trust seals.

The effect on smaller less known companies is more dramatic than an established firm. Clearly Google, Walmart and Amazon do not need to display trust seals because every one has heard of them. But buying an ebook from may cause some concern. In fact a good deal of FUD would be generated.

Obviously the best thing Tom can do is give the visitors what they want. Get a Trust Seal that allays their fears, clears away the doubt and proves for a certainty that he cares about customer support and upholds his guarantee promises.

Avoid The Expensive Trust Seals
Some seals can be pretty expensive and the fees might not be covered by the increase in sales that Tom achieves. However a seal at a reasonable cost that also provides a valuable service such as a customer support platform is going to lead Tom to an increase in profits plus a huge improvement in credibility.

That credibility sucked in from having the activated seal on his website and the service center is going to improve conversions from existing traffic leading to even higher sales.

With happy, doubt free customers, Tom is going to get more repeat sales from his existing customers and he will even get referrals that he would never have got before.

The cost of a monthly membership to a Trust Seal that offers customer support is less that twenty dollars. That is a good deal less than the cost of most e-produsts.

So that means that if Tom sells just one extra product throughout the whole month because of increasing trust for his visitors, then his subscription is paid for. Extra sales from the higher conversion rate are all pure profit for him.

Support-Focus Trust Seals offers both member recognition and a customer service support system for less than $20 a month.

Presently they are running a special offer where you can use any level of the service for a full 30 days. Take up the free trial today so that you can test out the system for yourself.