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Why Get An Internet Security Seal?

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Is it worth it?
As an internet business owner you will have noticed that many websites now have trust and security seals on their sales pages. Why go to that expense and is it worth the investment?

While running your business you will have seen how many potential customers visit your website and then leave without making a purchase.

No doubt you try and improve your sales letter, change the headlines, maybe you do some split testing to quantify the results and then chose the best pulling copy. And yet, still the majority of folks still don't hit that buy button.

Why don't they buy?
One of the major reasons that people don't buy is plain and simple FEAR.

Yes, you may have a great product and your sales letter may be making their fingers itch to click on the buy button, but they look at your website and think: what if he is just going to cheat me like that other guy did last time I bought an ebook?

You can not blame them for being cautious, there or just too many rip-off merchants on the internet, trying to make easy money at the expense of others and those guys have no intention of giving a good service.

Given that that is the situation, it is your job to show your visitors that you are a safe bet, that you have an independent method of proving that you can be trusted.

This is exactly the reason why many internet business owners subscribe to a security or trust seal. These business seals give that independent proof that you are a reliable business person who takes customer care seriously.

You are doing your best
No doubt you already do your best to correct any misunderstandings and when necessary even give a refund, but how would a potential customer know that? Are they just going to take your word for it?

A business seal that is focused on what the potential customer is worried about is going to be your ace card in the sales conversion game.

Potential customers want to know what will happen if there is a problem, can they contact you if they need to? Is there any kind of third party contact method?

> provides you with two extremely important tools.

First, the seal to place on your website, which will turn more visitors into buyers. Second, the support infrastructure to make giving excellent customer service a breeze.

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